Monday, October 10, 2016

Let there be hope

So, how are you feeling about the upcoming elections?

Are you as weary of the spirit behind them as I am?

It's gotten to the point that even being on Facebook before bedtime sends me to bed anxious, sighing in dread and anticipation of what could come.

I've been threatening to leave the country the minute I cast my ballot, and not return til late November...if even then.

Costa Rica is looking pretty sweet right now!

So, be not afraid...this post is not a rant about the highs and lows, strengths and weaknesses, good and evil of each of the candidates.

I won't do to you what I don't want done to me.

Each of us has been given a mind and a free will to vote as our consciences move us.

Instead, I want to encourage you with something I read this morning in the book of Mark.

I wasn't looking for election illumination...just my need for daily sustenance in order to survive one more earthly day...