Monday, November 28, 2016

It's the poinsettia's fault!

I hadn't planned on it, but this weekend I bought a miniature poinsettia...marbled in red and white, barely 3 inches tall.

I tenderly packed it amidst a flat of pansies, brought it home and placed it gently into a fragile porcelain Christmas cup, setting it on my kitchen window ledge where I could admire it.

From the moment I spotted that tiny thing at the greenhouse, lost among its larger, bolder, flashier relatives...

I knew it had to come home with me...

For it was a kindred spirit with my longing spirit...

For a simpler, quieter Christmas...

A Christmas season with less exterior and more interior.

A Christmas season with Jesus.

Not frantic busyness.

You see, for years I turned our home into a Christmas wonderland...every surface covered with glitter and lights, nativities and snowy winter scenes.

I spent days clearing out and packing up my normal life to make room for this once-a-year-spectacle called Christmas.