Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The gift of Creation...from God's heart to yours!

There are a million things I could blog about from our time here in Arizona. And this devotional reading would be at the top of the list. Not a day has gone by but that God's handiwork here has screamed out, "There is a Creator who made all this beauty! None of this is an accident! None of this evolved! All this is formed out of His love!"

We have had some amazing guides on our birding with multiple doctorates in Biology and Ethnobiology and other who can leave your head spinning with all there is to know about everything from the minutest of flowers to the grandest of canyons.

And that is mind-blowing! I have no single subject that I could ever talk about like they do their dozens of subjects. To say I am impressed would be to put it mildly!

But as they have rambled on and on about how things have evolved...or how all of this is a product of chance...we have seen first hand the result of worshiping the creation and not the Creator.

I remember one fact more than any other during my time in Chuck Colson's Centurion program. It was the idea that if you took all the letters of the alphabet on Scrabble chips, and threw them out over and over again, you would spend a life time trying for just a single three word sentence. And to think of the intricacy of just the human body alone...and how each part depends on the other in an order of chemical and electrical timing that would destroy it if just that alone cries out for a Master Designer. It could never happen by chance! And then add in all of Creation to the equation? All I can do is worship...

All Creation declares the glory of God!

And here in AZ I have a front row seat to Him...from the looming Sky Island Mountain ranges set against a clear azure blue the blazing colored birds who find their way here every year from Mexico and Central the evening storms that sweep across the plains, exploding the darkness with lightning bolts that are so huge you can't help but exclaim, "Wow!"

It's easy when we are caught up in the monotony of our daily lives to get so busy that we forget to stop and see Him.  I don't want to forget all He has taught me when I go home...that the same God who is here displaying Himself in all His glory will be in Waxhaw, North Carolina too.

And He's right where you are,  also! No matter where we live, His Creation will always be calling us back to Him...declaring His love and delight in us through all He has made for our enjoyment.

Okay, I'm done! Ted and Jacki are is chomping at the bit to head out for another day of God-sightings. And I want to have a front row seat to all He has prepared for us today!

I wish you a day full of His beauty and splendor also!

Shine on, dear ones!

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