Friday, September 17, 2021

Help! I'm being held captive.

Help. I’m being held captive.

I’m on my couch and I’m being watched. Every move I make, every breath I take is noticed.

It’s been hours since I’ve eaten. My coffee is almost gone and what there is, is cold.

I’ve been deprived the use of my Bible…it’s too far away for me to reach. I’ve heard about tactics like this. Ditto for my study books. And if I get up to get them, I will be seen. And then it will not end well.

Like the movie Monsters Inc says, “I’m always watching you Wyzowski, always watching.” I will never watch that movie again.

Note to self: never sit down again without food and sustenance nearby. Like they tell elderly people…put bags of food on the floor around the house so if you fall, you won’t starve. All I have are jars of dog biscuits next to me. If I’m forced to eat them, I will. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

I decide that they can control my body but they cannot control my mind. 

Wait. My captors are sleeping. Snoring even. Now’s my chance! Slowly moving forward so the seat doesn’t creak, I push myself up. Yes! They are unaware of my escape! Keeping an eye on them, I move stealthily towards the kitchen…it is the promised land and I must go. 

Slowly I go, step by step, inch by inch…

Casting one more glance behind me, I round the corner…I am out of their range of sight…in view of the coffee pot and the pantry. Angels are singing and the Hallelujah Chorus is playing! Glory!

Almost there…the smell of the coffee makes me want to run, but I know that would be my final mistake. Slow and steady wins the race…I mean, escape…

Oh no! A rodent from outside has fallen onto our window feeder! Thump! I watch in horror as my captors jump up, screaming what I’m sure are threats to the invader. 

They look at me as if to say, This thing could kill you! Never leave our sight again or we will be forced to cause you anguish.

Oh no! Not anguish!

I’ve heard rumors from those who have lived to tell about similar experiences… that my captors intentions are for good, not evil. They want to protect me…keep me safe. For this reason they will never abandon their post. 

I question this.

With head hung low, I scuffle back to my seat. My escape has failed. 

With imploring eyes I beg them, Before I sit down again, please, please may I be allowed to use the potty?

Only if we accompany you. Which they do, surrounding me...pressing against me…watching me. Is nothing sacred? 

How much longer, Lord?

Not willing that I should escape again, they nudge me back to my chair. They sit down beside me. I am surrounded.

Wait, I think one of them is trying to suffocate me! She’s on my chest…she’s burying herself in my neck. The other one looks on in envy. If only she had thought of that first!

This is the end. I know it. With one last glance around my beautiful home, filled with a lifetime of memories, I whisper a quiet goodbye to this blessed world I had once known.

I have no regrets. 

Not even losing my freedom to two, tyrannical, ever-devoted, Chihuahuas. 

❤️ I die a happy woman. ❤️

The End. ☺️

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