Monday, December 22, 2014

All He wants for Christmas...

Once again, I marvel that I am alive to celebrate another Christmas.

No, I'm not dying.

Well, yes, I guess we all are.

Rather, that by God's grace I have survived another year.

With a daughter who's a Paramedic, I know how often people don't.

By now you are probably thinking, "Well, this is a not so merry Christmas message!"

It's not meant to be.

Because Christmas isn't about merry. Jolly. Holly. Whatever.

It begins with the messy birth of a baby.

And travels on through the slaughter of innocents.

And ends with a horrifying crucifixion on a cross.

Christmas drew a dividing line between hopeless and hope.

Between lost and found.

Death and life.

He left His Home in Glory to give us the greatest gift ever...

His Presence.

For thirty-three long years, He walked this earth, gave Himself.

To all those who were hungry. Thirsty. Dying in their sins.

And for over two thousand years since, He has continued to give.




Because He so loved. You. Me. All mankind.

Because He knew we were lost and could never find our way Home without Him.

Now I'd like to challenge you...

For those of you who know Him and have taken on the Family Name, give Him the gift He so greatly desires...

You. Your love. Your attention. Your time. Your worship.

He is truly worthy of being adored.

And for those of you who who don't know Him?

Come. Draw near. Hear the Christmas call...

He came so that you could come.

Home. To the Father's Heart of Love.

Where you'll find everything your restless heart has hungered for.

And infinitely more.

Forgiveness? It's there.

Hope? In abundance.

A reason to live? Soon you'll have a reason to die.

And next Christmas, when you look back and marvel that you are still alive,

You'll remember why,

And your heart will overflow with gratefulness to a God Who is not far off.

A God Who came.

A God Who is with us...Emmanuel.

A blessed Christmas, dear ones!

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