Saturday, January 3, 2015

For all those who have ever asked, "Why?"

Have you ever asked "Why?"

Better yet, cried out, screamed out, whispered, "Why?"

With tears streaming down your cheeks.

And a heart so heavy that it feels it could fall right out of your chest.

I'm thinking if you are living and breathing you have.

Many times.

It's a cry that has echoed down through the ages.

A question that often times seems unanswered.

Or maybe not.

I was reading Ecclesiastes this morning.

Well, I was told to read Ecclesiastes this morning after a head-to-head with God.

Mine bowed low and His drawn near.

"Why God?"

Why does evil prosper and justice thwarted?

Why do good men die and their killers live?

Why are dreams used for target practice by the enemy?

And godly desires left unfulfilled?

Ecclesiastes is one of those books that can leave you depressed and feeling hopeless.

Basically it asks, "Is life worth living?"

It reads like one big, "Why?".

I don't know what you are facing now.

Or what you will face this year.

But I'm thinking we're all going to ask the "Why?" question a lot.

And maybe that's a good thing.

Maybe God gave us this heart cry.

To force us away from our own understanding, and throw us back to where we belong. 

Back to Him.

Recognizing that He is God. And we are not.

Remembering that we will never have all the answers. Not this side of eternity.

Reminded that He DOES see all, know all. 

And that in His love and wisdom, He DOES have a purpose. 

We just have to trust Him.

"I know that whatever God does, it endures forever; nothing can be added to it nor anything taken away from it. And God does it so that men will reverently fear Him, revere Him and worship Him, knowing that He is. " Eccl. 3:14

And here friends, is a nugget of truth we can hold on to. 

"Happiness consists not in being as gods to ourselves to have what we will and do what we will, but in having Him that made us to be a God for us.

It is folly to promise ourselves satisfaction in the things of the world." Matthew Henry

No thing. No one. 

Only God.

"In the end, faith teaches (man) that God has ordered all things according to His own purpose, and that man's role is to accept these, including his own limitations, as God's appointments. Man, therefore, should be patient and enjoy life as God gives it." Intro to Ecclesiastes, Amplified

This year I pray that all our "Why's?" will be answered with the best answer possible.


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