Thursday, November 13, 2014

And all God's people said...THANK YOU!

The sun comes up, there's a new day dawning...

The song rambles through my mind as I sit in front of the computer screen, frequently glancing up at the darkened windows, eager for signs of daybreak.

Up since 4 am....courtesy of the Hubby who has some very early repairs to make at a local pizza shop. Had to get it done before they can open. God bless him.

I am by nature a creature of light. I come to life when the sun is exploding the colors on the trees...the birds are out and about at the feeders...the coffee is made and all is right with the world.

None of these things are happening at 4 am.

Little rumblings of grumblings begin in my mind...I'm going to be soooo tired today! How will I get everything done? How does he get these crazy jobs? And on and on and on...

My pity party is squelched when a box pops up on my lower screen.


I look closer. Seriously?

Ouch. How'd you do that, God?

He knows how to get my attention.

Like the other day...a huge, red and white political sign on the side of the road. Not unusual for this time of year you may say.

But the large white banner draped across the front of it was:


Thank you? They said, Thank You? Who says thank you?

Whoa. I. Was. Impressed.

My first thought? I was so impressed I wanted to stop and take a picture.

My second? Stop on this busy road and you shall die.

So I don't have a picture of it.

But that's not what's important. What is important is how encouraged I felt from those two simple words.

I hadn't voted for the guy. Hey, it wasn't even my state!

But the fact that someone had taken the time to thank the voters gave me a glimpse into what kind of person this was.

The kind of person I want to be. Need to be. A thankful person.

Throughout the rest of the day those two words stayed with me.

I practiced saying them. To the people I met.  But most importantly, to God.

God is big on giving thanks. We're commanded to do it. Not begrudgingly or with hesitation.

First to Him. For all He has done. A lifetime won't be enough time. That's why we have eternity.

Then to those He has placed in our lives. Family. Friends. The good. The bad. The ugly. The worthy and the unworthy. All those around us, made in His image.

How about our circumstances? It's easy when things are going well.

Give thanks for the difficult? The tedious? The pains and fears we wake up to each day?

Yes, even those. Because we have a Heavenly Father Who is Lord over them all and always works everything together for good. Sometimes it just takes time.

But most importantly, we give give thanks out of obedience. Because He commands it. He knows what it does for our bodies, minds and spirits.

And especially what those two words do to others.

Thanksgiving is coming up. The one day we set aside to thank God for all our blessings.

But let's dream bigger. Thanksgiving shouldn't be limited to one day of the year. Or our birthday. Or Christmas.

It should be a life style. A lifestyle of thankfulness, lived out in word and deed.

Me? I'm thankful I could get up so early and see the sunrise! Hear the earth coming to life!

I'm thankful my husband has work! Matter of fact, I'm thankful for my husband!

And a whole glorious day ahead of me...and His strength to do all I need to do.

And Him. I will never. Ever. Stop being thankful for Him.

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