Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Why I Wear "Eau de Peppermint" and not Chanel No. 5

It never fails to happen. I'm in a store. A doctor's waiting room. A church pew.

"I smell peppermint," the unwitting victim says, glancing at my mouth to see if I am sucking on a candy.

I smile.

"Isn't it great? It's my perfume of choice!"

"Uh, yeah" is the most common reply.

Hold on. Give them a second....wait for it...

"Wow, that brings back memories!"


That's exactly why I wear "eau de peppermint" I tell them!

Why I buy a dozen Twisted Peppermint body lotions from Bath and Body Works every December.

Why I keep dishes of soft peppermint candies all around our home.

Why I carry peppermint drops with me whenever I go to visit the grandbabies.

I have an ulterior motive. A plan that's marvelous, magnificent and more!

And, best of all, guaranteed to work.

How do you know it will work, you may ask? Because it is based on Scientific Evidence. That's how.

"Olfaction (the sense of smell) is our quickest sense..."scent" messages barrel along pathways straight from the nose and right into the brain’s olfactory cortex, for instant processing.  The olfactory cortex is where emotions are born and emotional memories stored. That’s why smells, feelings and memories become so easily and intimately entangled.  People describe memories triggered by smells in exceptionally rich and emotional terms, and they were much likelier to report the sudden sensation of being brought back in time."

How cool is it that God designed a way for us to be remembered!

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not hung up on myself. I don't have this ego thing going.

But I am head-over-heels in love with my family.

And someday, when I'm gone, I want them to remember my faith. How much I treasured them. The fun we had. And all the wonderful memories we made together.

But first they have to remember me.

So I chose peppermint. Purposely. "Intentional Memory Making" I call it.

How about you?

What does Intentional Memory Making look like in your life?

The smell of your cologne? The ocean's salty air? The smoke of a campfire? Cinnamon rolls, fresh from the oven?

There's something you are going to be remembered by.

I say, let's be intentional about it.

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